Give and Get money without sharing any of your personal information

Be Private

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Give money without sharing personal info by using Mezu’s unique, one-time encrypted code. Because how you spend your money is your business.
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Be Private

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Keep your transactions discreet and your identity protected. Because the whole world doesn’t need to know what happens with your money
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Mezu app on Android
Mezu app on iPhone
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Be Free

Mezu is the only money app that puts your privacy first. It gives you the ease of cash with the convenience of the digital world.


Pay, tip or donate to valets, bartenders, musicians and others, by giving money to their MezuBox.


Like with other mobile payment apps, you can easily pay or request money from people you know.


Mezu’s triple end-to-end encryption keeps your identity and transactions safe.

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Just like cash.
But smarter.