About Mezu

Mezu is the first mobile payment app that protects your privacy first. Mezu enables you to Give and Get money without sharing any of your contact details with other users. Mezu doesn't sell your personal or transaction information. Just like cash, with Mezu, you can conveniently pay, tip, earn and donate, safely and for free. And with our triple end-to-end encryption your identity and transactions are kept secure. Because Mezu believes that what you do with your money is your business.

Executive Team

Yuval Brisker - Co-Founder, CEO and President

Yuval Brisker

Co-Founder, CEO and President

Yuval has been a technologist and a leading advocate of customer experience and consumer freedom enabled by technology. He co-founded TOA Technologies (with Irad Carmi) and led the company as CEO and Chairman from its founding through 11 years of outstanding and continuous growth in more than 20 countries on six different continents.

TOA was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2014 and Yuval stayed on to lead the integration before leaving to co-found Mezu.

Pedro Silva - Co-Founder, COO and President

Pedro Silva

Co-Founder, COO and President

Pedro is the architect of Mezu’s software and leads technology and operations. Previously, Pedro led TOA Technologies’ expansion into Latin America. Under his leadership, TOA went from 0% to 40% of TOA’s recurring revenue in the course of 3 years. Pedro’s careers has encompassed all aspect of software and technology - development, sales, implementation and customers service.

Brian Cook

CFO and SVP of Finance

Brian Cook is a senior financial executive who specializes in building venture-backed businesses and bringing them to the private and/or public capital markets. He has held operational CFO, Risk Management and Executive positions in regulated businesses ranging from technology to banking, in the US and Europe.

Amy Martin

Vice President of Marketing

Amy Martin has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations and brands reach target audiences with relevant messages that drive action and awareness. She specializes in digital channel development, social channel strategy, messaging and media relations and brand creation. She has worked with blockbuster brands such as Gatorade, The Army, Maytag, UnitedHealthcare, Jif and Millstone Coffee.

Board of Directors

Yuval Brisker

Board Member

Pedro Silva

Board Member

Mike Stubler

Board Member

Irad Carmi

Board Member


Just like cash.
But smarter.