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May 20, 2019 | News

Infringements of technology users’ privacy have been taking the reins of the weekly new cycle for what seems like months now. With Facebook expecting to pay a record 5 billion dollar fine to the F.T.C. for violating the privacy of their users to Amazon’s employees listening in on user’s conversations through Amazon’s Alexa, these types of privacy breaches are catching the attention of our planet. Why does it seem like privacy is an after thought these days for organizations? Sure, these companies are paying the price for their actions, but at their foundation, collecting and becoming profitable off the data of their users is a practice that is quite common in the modern business environment today.

But the current state of the market isn’t why Mezu believes in privacy. We believe in privacy because we know it is a basic human right. We know everyone deserves to have a safe and private experience online, especially when it comes to their personal payment transactions.

When signing up for your favorite apps or services, why does your convenience have to come at the expense of your privacy? Especially when it comes to your payment app of choice, what level of privacy do you have to give up? Sharing phone numbers, emails and usernames with people you may not know? The payment apps using your transaction data to make money? These practices are now standard with current payment apps… except Mezu that is.

Mezu doesn’t sell or profit off the data of our customers. We don’t turn your payment activity into a social network.  We are the only payment app where our users are able to give and get cash without sharing any personal information. This passion for privacy and security for our users can be seen on all levels of Mezu’s organization.

From the start, Mezu was created with customer privacy at its core. Mezu’s functionality is built around expanding the privacy rights of our users by giving them a completely private way to pay. As companies try to switch their brand to make a bigger focus around privacy, just know that this is something that has always been at our core.

When you think about paying someone in cash, there’s never a need for exchanging the information mentioned above. Our founders’ goal was to create the “cash experience” in a payment app — allowing Mezu customers to pay anyone, anywhere for anything.

Having privacy and choice in the way you pay makes is what Mezu different from other payment apps in the market today and it’s the thing we will continue to bring to our customers.

Join the growing community of Mezu users that have always shared that vision.

The Mezu program is sponsored by Community Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC, to which Mezu (NA), Inc. (NMLS ID No. 1738907) is a service provider.


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