Mezu does what venmo can’t

Mezu offers more than the traditional payment app. You can pay and get paid in more ways than one, knowing that your transactions are always kept private, unlike venmo. Pay people anonymously, and never have to worry about someone reviewing all your payments.


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Pay &
get paid privately

Unlike venmo, you have choice in the ways you get paid. Paying someone who you don’t want to exchange a username, phone number or email with?

Simply enter the amount you need to pay and one-time code generated by Mezu. The payment is sent securely to the users account after typing in the 4 digit code. How cool is that?

Pay your contacts quickly

With Mezu, it’s easy to pay people you know. Simply choose contacts by name, email or phone number—or pay them privately. Requesting money from a contact is just as simple. Choose a name from your contact list, and add the amount.



Pay by secure MezuBox

Whether you’re collecting money for a school fundraiser or just filling up a virtual tip jar at work, Mezu lets you make private, secure, private payments with no fuss.

Simply tap the recipient’s geo-located MezuBox to pay them privately without sharing any of your personal information. Collect funds your way, unlike Venmo which only gives you one way to pay or get paid…

A smarter digital debit card

Download the Mezu app and you can immediately activate your MezuCard, a unique digital debit card from Mezu and Mastercard, and start using it anywhere. No waiting for the physical card in the mail, no forgetting you ordered it.

The MezuCard is as convenient as it is secure—and it works with Apple Pay, GPay and Samsung Pay, unlike venmo.



Triple encryption, for privacy-first payments 

Say it with us: “SOC-1 and SOC-2 certified, proprietary triple-encrypted infrastructure and tokenization.”

Catchy, right?

It’s the elevated level of security that you didn’t know you needed.
Mezu applies it to every transaction, with a one-time, encrypted, location-based code that’s generated by the app. So no personal data is ever transmitted.

Call it “undersharing.”

Now you can pay lifelong friends, new friends, one-time friends and complete strangers with total privacy, security and convenience you deserve.

Every day, more people are discovering our very private payment app.

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The Mezu program is sponsored by Community Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC, to which Mezu (NA), Inc. (NMLS ID No. 1738907) is a service provider.

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